Product Tag: metal clips

8" Pants add-on hanger

7348" White, Add On Hanger, for kids bottoms. 200 pcs per case $30.00 per case
Price: $0.15

HCP9 - Bottoms Hanger

HSP99" Bottoms hanger, all plastic hanger with metal clips. Available in Black or White 100 pcs per box $47.00
Price: $0.47

1050/14 - Pants/Skirt Hanger

105014" Plastic Hanger with metal hook, and metal clips for skirts or pants. 100pcs per case 48.00
Price: $0.48

1162 - Combination Suit Hanger

116217" Combination Suit Hanger, with metal hooks and clips. Available in Clear, Black, and White 100 pcs per case $58.00
Price: $0.58

WNMC14 - 14" Pants Hanger

WNMC14Natural Wood, Flat, 14" with metal clips for pants. 100 pcs per case $113.00 per case  
Price: $1.13

WNFMC17 - Flat Combination Suit Hanger

WNFMC17Natural Wood, Flat, 17" Combination Suit hanger with metal clips for pants 100 pcs per case $126.00 per case  
Price: $1.26

WNCMC17 - Contoured Combination Suit Hanger

WNCMC1717" Wood, Contoured Combination Suit Hanger with bar and metal clips. 100 pcs per case $148.00 per case
Price: $1.48